Vox Lil' Looper Multi-effects Pedal

Vox Lil' Looper Multi-effects Pedal

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Flexible Effects and Looping for Guitar and More!

Get more versatility and sacrifice less pedalboard space with Vox's Lil' Looper multi-effects and looping pedal. Equally well suited for both guitar and vocals, you'll find endless clever ways to enhance the way you practice, perform, and even write new songs when you pick up a Vox Lil' Looper. On the looper side, this compact pedal gives you the power of two loopers in one, offering up a pair of independent yet beat-syncable loops you control with two separate footswitches. Add to that sound-on-sound recording and a dozen excellent effects, and you can start to see the creative potential of this cool little pedal. 

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