Flute and Piano Lessons with Jaime
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Flute and Piano Lessons with Jaime

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Jaime is a charismatic and versatile musician and performing artist who has performed nationally and internationally as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, vocalist, and accompanist. Jaime is also a classically trained dancer with extensive experience in musical theater. She has been performing since age 4 and teaching since 15 (20+ years experience). Jaime is passionate about the musical arts and has won awards and competitions in all her areas of study ~ flute, piano, piccolo, voice, and dance. Such highlights include: White House Christmas Music performances (two years), Prize Winner of the Alexander Buono International Flute Competition in New York City; and winner of the ‘Viva Vivaldi’ International Concerto Competition on flute and piccolo (Kennedy Center solo performance with the Washington (D.C.) Chamber Symphony). She has performed within six countries across Europe, at historically valuable venues such as the Westminster Abbey Cathedral in London, and at various music festivals and renowned masterclasses throughout the United States and Europe.

PEDAGOGY PHILOSOPHY: Jaime enjoys sharing her classical music knowledge and love for music with anyone who is eager to learn an instrument or who simply desires to learn more about the wonderful world of music. She engages her students with an adaptive and engaged pedagogy style to bring both musicality and technique to life for students of all ages and abilities. Jaime believes in a holistic form of teaching and getting “Back to the Basics.” Her pedagogical approach is based off research and experience. It incorporates the use and awareness of psychophysics (awareness of physiology & psychology), the Alexander Technique, and other elements. She also teaches the value of understanding and incorporating foreign language into musical studies, as well as singing (awareness of voice & the body) for flute instruction. Jaime draws from the expertise and pedagogical wisdom of the wonderful teachers and world renown musicians with whom she has studied. Many thanks to: (Flute) Paula Price, Joyce Catalfano, Dr. Nina Perlove, Laurel Zucker, Leon Buyse, William Bennett (Piano) Dr. Jane Magrath, Dr. Edward Gates, Dr. Peter Amstutz, the late Dr. Christine Kefferstan, Dr. Valeria Cisler, Peggy Payne, and the late Dr. James Breckenridge.

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