Conn 7D Double French Horn NEW!
Conn Selmer

Conn 7D Double French Horn NEW!

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This Conn 7D is a new addition to the Conn lineup of double horns, introduced in 2016.  Designed as an intermediate model, the 7D has a small throat bell for comfort with smaller hands and easier control and response.  The classic Geyer design has a clear tone that blends well and doesn't get too brassy when pushed.  Designed to compare favorably to similar models like the Yamaha 567, this new Conn is proudly made in the USA alongside their professional 8D and other double horns.  

This is an especially nice instrument for a younger player of diminutive stature.  The left hand position is slightly closer to the player and the adjustable thumb paddle is close to the other key levers, a perfect fit for smaller hands. The wrap of the instrument is not especially large, so it should be easy to hold in comfort. 

The attention to detail on the Conn 7D is notable, with an all nickel rotor set, nickel trim, and a gold brass leadpipe to improve resonance resistance to corrosion.  The assembly is first rate, a sign of the high quality craftsmanship you find at Conn's Eastlake, Ohio factory.  Includes a 7BW mouthpiece and an MTS hard case which is made in Indiana.


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