String and Band Instrument Rentals

Why rent from us?

  • Quality instruments and accessories that meet your teacher’s specifications
  • Affordable and easily managed rent only and rent to own contracts
  • In-house repair and replacement service
  • Flexible application of accrued rental payments 

The Program:

Ellsworth Music offers a rental program that provides an instrument to the musician that meets or exceeds the standards required by the music educator and student. Our dedication to matching the student to the instrument insures that the student’s efforts and advancement are optimized. We only rent educator-approved instruments and all of our instruments are shop checked/play tested before they are issued out.

Benefits of Our Program:

  • The rental contract can be cancelled at any time, with no penalty fees by returning the instrument to the retail outlet. Size changes within the same category level of the instrument can be accomplished with no change in the contract agreement for monthly fees or total cost of the instrument.
  • Monthly payments (less tax) apply toward the purchase of the instrument on the contract or a step up instrument within the RENT ONLY contract. 
  • Service Includes:
    • Convenient automatic debiting of monthly charges from credit card
    • On-site full repair or replacement program.
    • Facilitating a professional instrument selection process to be done at school with the student’s teacher.

The Maintenance and Replacement Policy - TLC Plan

If enrolled in the TLC (Theft, Loss and Care) Plan, Ellsworth Music will maintain the instrument on a current contract in excellent playing condition. This includes necessary playing condition adjustments, cleaning, pad replacement, string replacement, bow rehair or replacement, slide alignment, bridge replacement, and peg replacement.